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Woo Yong's Taekwondo Family

Since our founding, Team Woo Yong has helped countless students acquire foundational skills, develop and strengthen new techniques, and move forward in their martial arts journey.

We offer a wide range of courses to support students at all levels and from all backgrounds. On the competitive side, we have produced the largest number of national and international champions in Nova Scotia.
We provide high performance classes in both sparring and Poomsae as well as private instruction.

About Grandmaster Jung

Born to Compete

Team Woo Yong is founded on the principle of providing our students with the best and most rewarding learning experience under the guidance of Grandmaster Jung.

    He brings a wealth of experience to the school from his experience as the coach of the Canadian junior national team (2002) and the head coach of the Canadian national team (2003-2010) which included a trip to the Beijing Olympics resulting in a silver medal for Canada.

    He is also the recipient of the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2001) recognizing his dedication to Taekwondo for over 30 years. 


About Master Jo

    Master Jo started training in Taekwondo in Seoul, South Korean when he was 10 years old. His interests and expertise included various Korean traditional martial arts such as Sibpalki,  Hapkido, and weapon techniques. Master Jo is a 5th degree black belt in WT Taekwondo, a 4th degree black belt in Hapkido, and a 2nd degree black belt in Sibpalki. He also holds an International instructor certificate in Taekwondo issued by Kukkiwon.

     He won a Silver Medal at the 2019 Canada Open International competition and a Gold medal at the 2020, 2021, and 2022 Korea Ambassador's Cup and the 2021 Grand Prix I and II competitions. Also, he got a Bronze medal in the 2022 National Championship, and a Silver medal in the 2022 Pan Am Open Championship.


Team Woo Yong Location

We are Olympic Champion Taekwondo Family

Team Woo Yong is trying to spread Taekwondo to Nova Scotia and, we will make it easier for many people to access Taekwondo through more Taekwondo schools.
Also, Team Woo Yong will help you not only defend yourself but also build the right personality through Taekwondo.

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Halifax Downtown
Woo Yong's Taekwondo Academy
Grandmaster Woo Yong Jung

3200 Kempt Rd. Unit 102. Halifax, B3K 4X1


    Woo Yong's Taekwondo Academy is the main TKD school of Team Woo Yong. Grand Master Jung was Canada's first Taekwondo Olympic medalist and former Team Canada head coach. If you want to become a Champion like Grandmaster Jung, visit Woo Yong's Taekwondo Academy in Halifax.

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Clayton Park
K-Top Taekwondo & Martial arts
Master Andrew Jo

12 Flamingo Drive. Halifax, B3M 1S5

902-809-KTOP(5867), Text available

Kakaotalk : ktoptkd

    K-Top Taekwondo and Martial arts is one of the best Taekwondo school in Halifax. K-Top has a Team Canada sparring competitor. Master Jo won many medals in national-level Taekwondo competitions, and K-Top has a Team Canada sparring competitor.

K-Top_Small size - Copy.jpg

"Preparing to Open"


    The third Team Woo Yong Taekwondo School will be open to you soon. The opportunity to enjoy Taekwondo with an excellent Korean Taekwondo master will come to you.

Coming soon
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