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About Grandmaster Jung

Legend of Taekwondo Canada

8th Dan - Kukkiwon Certificate #6008334  
Coaches of Canada Charter Member
National Coaching Certification Program #C808068
International Coaching Certificate – Germany
Taekwondo Canada Coaching Certification

Coaching Experience (Official Taekwondo Canada Assignments)
2010 World Junior Championship - Mexico (Manager)
2003-2009 National Team Head Coach
2003-2007 Coaching Committe Chair
2009 World Cup - Azerbaijan (Head Coach)
2009 World Championship - Copenhagen, Denmark (Head Coach)
2009 Elected President of World Taekwondo Coach Association
2008 Beijing Olympic Head Coach
2007 Pan Am Olympic Qualification Game – Columbia  (Manager)
2007 World Olympic Qualification Game - England  (Manager)
2007 Pan American Games – Brazil  (Head of Team)
2007 World Championships - China  (Head Coach)
2007 Pan Am Qualification Game – Columbia  (Head Coach)
2006 Korea Open - Seoul South Korea  (Head Coach)
2005 World Championships – Spain  (Head Coach)
2004 Summer Olympics – Athens  (Trainer)
2004 Pan Am Olympic Qualification Game – Mexico  (Head Coach)
2003 World Qualification Game - Paris  (Head Coach)
2003 World Championships – Germany  (Head Coach)
2002 Pan Am Games - Santo Domingo  (Head Coach)
2000 World Junior Championships – Ireland  (Head Coach)

Awards and Accomplishments
2009 Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships - Gold Medalist (Grandmasters Division)
2006 First Canadian Taekwondo Hanmadang - Gold Medalist (Grandmasters Division)
2001 Hall of Fame - Golden Lifetime Achievement (Martial Arts)
1992 Barcelona Olympics - Bronze Medalist (64kg)
1992 Canadian Olympic Team Trials - Gold Medalist (Featherweight Division)
1984 World Games (Brazil) - Gold Medalist (Featherweight Division)
1980 World Games (U.S.A.) - Gold Medalist (Bantam Weight)
2015 Canada Open - Bronze Medalist (Under 60)
14 Time Korean National Champion

Grandmaster Jung began his journey in Taekwondo at the age of 5 in South Korea. After 5years of persistent training, he earned his black belt. He won the Suwon Junior Provincials 2 years later at the young age of 12. In order to excel in Tae Kwon Do, Grandmaster Jung moved to the capital city of Seoul to study at Tongdaemun High School. In addition to his academic studies, Grandmaster Jung also trained diligently for 7 hours a day after school. His self-discipline and dedication was rewarded when he won not only the Korean National High School Championships but the Korean National Championships as well. This was the first time that a high school student at the age of 18 won the Korean National Championships. Grandmaster Jung continued his success to win the Bantam Weight title at the 1980 World Games in San Francisco.

Upon graduating from high school, Grandmaster Jung attended (KNUPE) the Korean National University of Physical Education - the top sports university in Korea and home to many elite Korean Olympians. When he graduated, Grandmaster Jung had held 14 Korean National titles some of which included the Korean National University Champion and South Korean National Champion. In 1984, he won the Feather Weight title at the World Games in Brazil and retired from active competition due to an injury.

Following university, Grandmaster Jung instructed the US Marine Corps at the US Embassy in Korea. After 2 years, he decided to move to Canada. In 1992, Grandmaster Jung challenged himself and defied many odds by coming out of retirement and competing again. He met this challenge with perseverance and an indomitable spirit. He not only won the Canadian Nationals, but he went on to win a Bronze Medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics for Canada.

Grandmaster Jung moved to Nova Scotia and settled in Halifax in 1997 to promote Tae Kwon Do. To date, Grandmaster Jung has trained hundreds of students, some who have gone on to win National, World and even Olympic titles. The year of 1999 was also an extraordinary year for Grandmaster Jung as he tested publicly for his 7th Degree. This milestone was two fold as he was the youngest Grandmaster to achieve this prestigious rank and also because this was the first time ever in Canada that a 7th Degree testing was held open to the public.

In the year 2000, Grandmaster Jung led the Canadian Junior National Team to the World Junior Championships in Ireland. Team Canada garnered 2 medals - 1 Gold and 1 Bronze. In 2001, Grandmaster Jung starts the year off as the recipient of the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award from the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. This award recognizes his dedication to both the learning and teaching of Tae Kwon Do for over 30 years.

From 2003 - 2010 Grandmaster Jung was Head Coach and Coaching Chair of the Canadian National Team. He participated in all international events including the Pan American and World Championships, the Athens Olympics in 2004, and the Beijing Olympics in 2008 where Canada won a silver medal under Grandmaster Jung's coaching experience.

In 2010 Tae Kwon Do Canada bestowed Grandmaster Jung with the prestigious Hall of Fame Coach award.

Despite his many accomplishments, Grandmaster Jung continues his Taekwondo journey by setting an example for all practitioners and students, striving for excellence and living out of the tenets of Taekwondo.

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